Airless Container

Airless Container is a way for the container or a container isolated from the external bacterial isolated from the gas with the outside temperature.
The contents of the vacuum bottle with air can be completely isolated, avoid products oxidative deterioration due to exposure to air and bacteria, and enhance product file to its high-tech concept. Vacuum bottle is prevailing in the market by a cylinder into an oval container plus a placement at the bottom of the piston. Its design principle is that the contractile force of the spring, and does not allow air to enter the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, while the use of atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the piston proceeds.However, due to the spring force and the atmospheric pressure is not given enough power, the piston can not and wall of the fit is too tight, or piston resistance is too large and can not rise in advance; contrary, to let the piston easy forward and prone to leak materialthe vacuum bottle manufacturers professional requirements are very high.
The vacuum bottle launched conforms skin care products, the latest trends, can effectively protect the quality of the product fresh. However, due to the complex structure, high cost of vacuum bottle, vacuum bottle packaging use is limited to a limited number of categories of products, can not be in full swing in the market to meet the needs of different grade skin care products packaging.
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