Lip gloss tube

Lip gloss tube is clear, strict index requirements for container sealing performance.
 The method is: will require filling and placed in a vacuum oven and maintained for 15 minutes, when the degree of vacuum in the box-0.1MP to specify the standard closed container tapped. Then removed to observe whether there is an inner material oozing. Without internal material oozing qualified.
 Product seal is a mandatory quality standards in the production of cosmetics industry. How to achieve product seal guarantee? Here are second-class sealing solution:
 <> Gaskets Seal:
 . Electromagnetic induction gasket to achieve purpose frittable, but the relatively high cost of the packaging process is cumbersome, melting to win the title product mouth will produce a flash of the sting.
 2. Pressure sensitive adhesive gasket, able to reach frittable purpose, but the cost is relatively high, poor fitness water products.
        PE foam gasket, the gasket material elasticity and thickness can have a variety of options is a commonly used materials.
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