Monolayer Tube

The surface position of the Monolayer Tube parting:
 Plastic molding, in a mold in order to remove the plastic from the mold parting surface, facing the mold in terms of separate mold called speaking called parting line of plastic parts.
 The parting surfaces must be set up in section contour of plastic parts. To make plastic parts to come off from the cavity.
 The position of the parting line perpendicular to the mold opening direction, parallel to the mold opening direction, there are also inclined with respect to the mold opening direction.
 The parting lines are straight lines, polylines and curves.
The location of the parting line will directly affect the appearance, to be located on the plastic parts
 Surface is not the position of being watched. The parting line to be located on the site of easy to mold and easy to handle overflow edge.
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