Oval Tube

Adaptability of the Oval Tube operation process:
 Filling in the form and material form: in the production process, the speed of the material into the container quickly container design should take into account the rapid filling process container exhaust collision between the material body, the shape of the container filling matter accumulation impacts arising defects.
 The conveyor belt Reliability: scale production using the product as the criteria for judging whether Accessible.
 Daily structure design, we generally use the imitation, improvement, innovation, product structure to achieve innovative design.
 Similar products in comparative law ---- select contains similar sample analysis has structural features, its essence, to its dregs. Some inspiration to undertake the structural design work.
 Design of self-denial law ---- empathy, to convert himself from a designer's position as ignorant consumers on product use. To find fault for their own design, to discover the problem may cause consumers to use inconvenient. Own design perfect adjustment.
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