PE Tube

PE Tube is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic kind of plastic, plastic bags, and preservation film are all PEs, HDPE is a high crystallinity, a non-polar thermoplastic resin.The appearance of the original state of HDPE milky white, translucent in thin cross-section was a certain degree of PE has excellent resistance to most of the characteristics of living and industrial chemicals. Welding of PE pipe, PE pipe butt weld: This is a method, the method provides the highest reliability and range of the diameter of the pressure process: the heated ends of the tubes, the use of a tool, referred to as a contact pressure and temperature under the definition of "mirror". The end portion is rapidly contact and held under pressure during the cooling process.
PE pipe medium density polyethylene pipe and high-density polyethylene pipe. According to the wall thickness is divided into SDR11 and SDR17.6 series. The former applies to artificial gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, which is mainly used to transport natural gas transport gaseous. And steel pipe construction process is simple, there is a certain degree of flexibility, but the main thing is not used as a preservative treatment will save a lot of processes. Shortcomings equipment resistance than steel pipes, construction, special attention to thermal heating safe distance, and can not be exposed to the air in the sun under, and are sensitive to chemicals, to prevent sewer leak damage.
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