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Skincare Products fact sheet:
First, the skin care products skincare, and enhance the skin's elasticity and vitality. Frequently used to make a young, beautiful people.
Second, the skin care products enhance the self-confidence of the people, improve the beautiful image of a person, and to promote the social civilization.
Many skin types of different characteristics. Must use according to their actual selection, not follow the crowd, parroting. Because people's skin is different. Oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, mixed skin and allergic skin points. Manufacturing components for every kind of skin care products are not the same, depending on the nature of the skin. Especially during pregnancy, the body will happen a lot of physiological changes, will cause some skin problems of pregnancy and childbirth. At this time you have to use a similar pro-Yun pregnant women prevention and improve the effect of skin care products in order to play.
The mask is deposited in the face of beauty skin care products, and some 20 to 30 minutes after the dressing will be tight in the face of the film to form a layer mask, so called. However, some mask to dry to form a film; block to come off, only water to wash it off, to be precise, the mask should be called a surface covered varnish, but a habit, because the operation and effect with the mask to do is the same, it is generally grouped together called the mask.
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