Disposable plastic products resurgence

Recently, the Provincial People's Congress, Cosmetic ContainerLin'an City People's Hospital Director of Pharmacy Qi Jingyan observed, plastic products, especially the use of disposable plastic products, began a resurgence in the whole society.
Qijing Yan found that, with the development of the express industry, the garbage generated by the courier outsourcing plastic paper more and more exacerbated environmental problems.
As a pharmacist, Tube PackagingQi Jingyan also discovered a more serious hazards. "I found that a lot of people like the hot cooked fitted with a disposable plastic bag, and then take it home and open eat. Easily to plastic bags, such as plasticizers harmful substances into the food to the people's health with to great risks. "
Disposable plastic products generally include the following categories:Laminated Tube the health positive pressure thermoforming machine (such as cup making machine) production of disposable plastic cups, yogurt cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, instant noodle bowls and other products, negative pressure thermoforming machine (such as vacuum forming machine) production toy boxes, food boxes, medicine boxes, industrial packaging products, of course, there are positive and negative pressure used in conjunction with heat molding machine, lipstick tubecommonly used materials: PVC, PET, HIPS, KPS , PP, PE, BOPS, OPS, ABS, degradable material like.
Some companies believe that the government should be of the disposable plastic products "plastic limit" instead of "plastic ban. The recovery value, non-toxic, less environmental pollution polypropylene tableware should not prohibit the production. Polypropylene is a non-toxic, recyclable and reusable materials, polystyrene is a harmful, mascara tubeand no recovery value materials, disposable foam plastic dinnerware currently on the market are manufactured from polystyrene material. . Of these toxic tableware, the government should prohibit the use, production and sales of non-toxic polypropylene tableware, you should be allowed to.
Some people think that,lip balm tube "a total ban on the production of polypropylene cutlery unreasonable, in the United States, Europe and other countries, the public generally use polypropylene cutlery, these polypropylene cutlery without any harm to the human body and can recycling reuse processed into other products, why we can not produce and use it? "
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