Plastic bag uncovered

A composite plastic food bag loaded rice, squeezing Airless Container the clean air bag, tie the bag with a rope snapping rice prevents rice damp moldy.

2. Late spring, after exposure to a few days of the dates after the salt sizzling let cool layer of jujube layer of salt into a plastic bag or cylinder, kept under seal, the jujube can be safe summer.

3 fresh leeks in a plastic bag in a cool, dry place, can maintain fresh as ever within three days leeks.

Summer to wash their clothes, to wash Skincare Products the white vest washed first with water, then soap or detergent powder gently rinse clean. And then again on the soap gently scrub tie the bag into a plastic bag, in the sun on one hour before cleaning. Can be difficult to clean yellow T-shirt the vest as white as ever.

5 plastic bag storage of sea cucumber. Dried sea cucumber, loaded double non-toxic plastic bag, tie the Lotion Container bag and hang in a cool, dry and well ventilated place, out exposure several summer, so save the sea cucumber is a long time not degenerate.

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