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January 18, on a health / knowledge, published a "how to stay away from plasticizing agent plastic Needle Nose Tube bottles can not be repeated with", which introduced the PET plastic packaging materials. Readers call comprehensive introduction under daily life, we used a variety of plastic.

At present, the packaging of many products on the market can not be separated from plastic, cups, lunch boxes, drink bottles, medicines and other more commonly used. Careful people SPA Container will find that there will be a small triangle sign at the bottom of the bottle or bottle, which numbered 1-7, PP, PET, PS and PC words, which in the end is what does that mean?

The triangle represents the mean recyclable; triangle inside the figures represent different polymer materials. Each number represents a kind of plastic material, you can put them as a body of plastic products or plastic packaging an "identity card" will differ due to their different production materials in the application.

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