Vietnamese plastic exports greatly increased in 2012

the Vietnamese plastics exports increased by 42.2%Airless Pump Tube over the previous year, of which exports to Japan hit a record high.

The data show that in 2012, Vietnamese plastic exports totaled $ 1.98 billion. Among them, exports of plastic products for $ 1.58 billion, an increase of 17% over the previous year; resin raw material exports to $ 397 Needle Nose Tube million, the significant increase of 60.5% over the previous year. The VPA said, the substantial growth in exports, mainly due to the rapid development of Vietnam in the field of raw materials and products of high added value.

Imports of Vietnamese plastic products in the forefront of the countries, Japan, USA, Germany. Which, over the past five years in Japan importing country is Vietnam's largest plastic products, plastic products in 2012, Vietnam's exports to Japan increased by 24% over the previous year, a record high. The Vietnamese plastics exports in 2013 is expected to grow by 11% to 13.5%.

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